Uncabled 100w QB LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Greenhouse


Uncabled 100w QB LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Greenhouse

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  • Plant Grow Lights
  • Sprouting, flowering and fruit production
  • Promotes plant photosynthesis
  • Antiseptic effect
  • Recommended lighting time and height

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Hot Sale Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg Flower Full Spectrum Dimmable Led Grow Light

  • Full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stage:lm281b 3000k+6500k+660nm (350-850nm)
  • LED Chips QTY: 218LEDS (3000K 104pcs, 6500K 104pcs, red 10pcs)
  • LED Power: 100WFuction:0-10v Dimmable
  • Dimension:300*240*60mm
  • Coverage Area: about 0.9 /30CM ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments )
  • Voltage: AC85-265V / 50~60Hz
  • Working Environment: -20~40degrees
  • Power Factor: 0.99 PPF:2.7μmol/s/W
  • Lifespan >50000hours
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 38 x 30 x 8 CM


Package includes:

  • 1 x led grow light
  • 1 x Free hanging kit


  • High-efficiency custom-designed full spectrum light square plate.
  • Led chips:3000k+6500k+660nm, full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing ideal for a seedling to harvest growth
  • Passive-cooled design (no cooling fans required) · Optimal canopy penetration with diffused light via a large form factor.
  • The light has 0-10v dimmable functions.

Product Presentation

LED grow Light can promote plant growth, prolong flowering, improve flower quality, increase fruit, inhibit growth, shorten growth cycle and increase yield. Widely apply to plant factories, greenhouse farming, flower farming, indoor gardens, potted plants, vegetable growth, etc.



Power Consumption 100w
LED Quantity 218pcs LEDs
Led Brand Samsung LM281B
Spectrum Full Spectrum
CCT 3000K+6500K+660nm
FFFD 918µ·mol/m²·s @30cm
PPF 2.11umol/S/w
Coverage area 1.5m2/80CM
Product Size 300*240*70mm
IP Rate IP44
Weight 2.5kg
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Working Frequency 50/60Hz
Lifetime 50,000 Hours
OEM / ODM Welcome
Warranty 1 Year



To enhance your indoor garden's growth and vitality, incorporating full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants is a transformative strategy. These sophisticated lighting solutions mimic the sun's natural spectrum, catering to the complete range of your plant's photosynthetic needs. Whether you're nurturing delicate seedlings or managing a lush indoor oasis, full spectrum grow lights provide the balanced light diet crucial for every stage of growth. This ensures your plants receive the precise wavelengths needed for optimal development, from leafy greens to blooming flowers.

The importance of grow light LED full spectrum technology lies in its efficiency and effectiveness in promoting healthy plant growth indoors. By offering a continuous light spectrum, these lights ensure that your plants thrive year-round, regardless of the natural light conditions outside. The Uncabled 100w QB LED Grow Lights stand out in this category, designed specifically to enhance photosynthesis and encourage vigorous growth and fruiting. This makes them an essential tool for anyone looking to maximise their indoor garden's productivity and health, ensuring your plants flourish under the best possible conditions.

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