Uncabled Dual Switch 1200w Indoor LED Grow Light Spectrum Indoor


Uncabled Dual Switch 1200w Indoor LED Grow Light Spectrum Indoor

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  • Plant Grow Lights
  • Sprouting, flowering and fruit production
  • Promotes plant photosynthesis
  • Antiseptic effect
  • Recommended lighting time and height

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Top Selling Best Commercial Horticulture Veg Flower Growing Lamps High PPFD Full Spectrum 660nm Indoor Plant Led Grow light


  • 1200W LED Grow Light:(actual power 120W)
  • Input Voltage :AC85-265V
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Base type: Australian Plug
  • LED Qty:350leds SMD5730 Chips
  • 3000k:264pcs, 660nm:82pcs,uv:2pcs,IR:2pcs
  • PPFD:1100umol(30cm) 425umol(60cm) 190umol(90cm) Spectrum:Full Spectrum 380nm-780nm
  • Red - Accelerate blooming & fruiting
  • UV - Sterilization, and disinfection
  • IR - Supply heat and promote consistent maturity
  • White - Brighten up color
  • Beam angle:120 degree
  • Coverage Area: about 4 x 4.5 Square Feet ( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments )
  • Lifespan: More than 50000h


  • 1 * 1200w LED Grow Light
  • 1 * LED Grow Light Hanger
  • 1 * Power Cord 1


  • Powerful Heat-Adopted 2 high-speed cooling fans+built-in aluminium heat-sink+unique built-in temperature controller
    Unique LED Bead and Zener Design-adopted led bead and Zener design instead of the reflector to ensure if one led out won’t affect others’ LEDs;
  •  Higher PAR Value and Energy Saving-Unique 90 degree optical lens and SMD5730 chips design bring higher PAR ;
  •  Reliable Warranty and Professional Service/Support-We are a professional manufacturer with 5 years of R&D and production experience of the led lights


Model No. D-2000W
Power Consumption Around 300W
LED Light Source Epileds & Bridgelux (Can Be Customized)
LED Quantity 200PCS 10W LEDs
Spectrum Full Spectrum (Can Be Customized)
LUX (lm) 83000 @ 5.9in (15cm); 33000 @ 11.8in (30cm);
17800 @ 17.7in (45cm); 11000 @ 23.6in (60cm);
6350 @ 31.5in (80cm)
PPFD (µ·mol/m²·s) 2110 @ 5.9in (15cm); 735 @ 11.8in (30cm);
356 @ 17.7in (45cm); 208 @ 23.6in (60cm);
125 @ 31.5in (80cm)
Coverage Area 23.7sq.ft @ 31.5in (2.2m2 @ 80cm);
19.4sq.ft @ 23.6in (1.8m2 @ 60cm);
15sq.ft @ 17.7in (1.4m2 @ 45cm);
11.8sq.ft @ 11.8in (1.1m2 @ 30cm);
8.6sq.ft @ 5.9in (0.8m2 @ 15cm)
Lifespan >50,000 hours
Input Voltage AC85-265V
Working Frequency 50/60Hz
Gross Weight 3 kg
Product Size 40 x 21 x 6 CM
Packing Size 50 x 25 x 11 CM
OEM / ODM Welcome
Warranty 1 year



Incorporating the cutting-edge technology of full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants, our Dual Switch 1200W Indoor LED Grow Light represents a pivotal advancement in indoor horticulture. These grow lights full spectrum capabilities mimic natural sunlight, providing your plants with a wide range of wavelengths necessary for optimal growth through all stages, from fertilisation to flowering. This ensures that plants receive the precise lighting they require for photosynthesis, resulting in healthier growth and increased yields.

Moreover, our full spectrum grow lights have been meticulously engineered to cater to a diverse array of indoor plants, making them suitable for both hobbyists and commercial growers alike. The inclusion of full spectrum LED ensures that plants benefit from both visible and invisible light spectra, including critical wavelengths in the UV and IR ranges, which are essential for promoting robust growth, enhancing flowering, and improving the overall health of your plants. This holistic approach to plant lighting not only optimises plant growth but also significantly increases the efficiency of indoor gardening efforts, ensuring that your plants thrive in any indoor setting.

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