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    2000w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Veg Bloom Switches

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    Uncabled 100w QB LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Greenhouse

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    Uncabled Dual Switch 1200w Indoor LED Grow Light Spectrum Indoor

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Welcome to Uncabled Australia, the leading provider of innovative LED grow lights for indoor gardening enthusiasts and professional growers alike. Our extensive range of LED flowering grow lights is designed to support all phases of plant growth, ensuring your plants thrive in any indoor setting.

Our LED grow lights are recognised across Australia for their ability to deliver a full spectrum of light, essential for the healthy growth and development of plants. This spectrum mimics natural sunlight, providing the necessary wavelengths for photosynthesis and ensuring a balanced light diet crucial for vegetative and flowering stages.

Our innovative product line includes the 100w QB LED Grow Light, designed for greenhouses to promote vigorous sprouting, robust flowering, and abundant fruit production. The energy-efficient design of this full-spectrum light positions it as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for Australian growers. For those seeking versatility and control, our 2000w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light features Veg and Bloom switches to customise the lighting environment based on the plant’s growth stage, offering an invaluable tool for maximising yield and quality. The Dual Switch 1200w Indoor LED Grow Light exemplifies our commitment to innovation, addressing the diverse needs of indoor gardening by ensuring plants receive the right amount of light throughout their lifecycle.

Our range of LED hydroponic lights for indoor plants is not just about illuminating your garden; it’s about introducing a sustainable and efficient lighting solution to your home. These lights are designed for ease of use, durability, and exceptional performance, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

At Uncabled Australia, our LED grow lights are more than just tools; they are partners in your gardening journey. Explore our Grow Lights Australia range and elevate your indoor gardening experience with our advanced lighting solutions. Transform your indoor garden today with Uncabled LED grow lights, leveraging the latest in LED technology for lush, healthy plants.


Are Uncabled's grow lights suitable for both home and commercial growing?

Yes, Uncabled’s grow lights are suitable for indoor home or office growing, nursery, and commercial greenhouse.

How does the blue and red LED light in Uncabled's grow lights help in plant growth?

The blue and red LED lights are essential for plant growth and play a crucial role in photosynthesis, promoting healthy growth and blooming.

How does the use of IR and UV LED lights benefit plants?

 IR and UV LED lights promote plants’ defense mechanisms and protect them from harmful environmental factors, leading to overall healthier growth.

How does the professional expertise of Uncabled's team benefit customers?

: Uncabled’s team of professionals has extensive knowledge and expertise in LED plant grow lights, ensuring that customers receive the best products and advice for their indoor growing needs.

Can Uncabled's grow lights be used in any indoor growing environment?

Yes, Uncabled’s grow lights are suitable for any indoor growing environment, including homes, offices, nurseries, and commercial greenhouses.

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