LED grow lights consume lot less energy and renowed for energy efficiency and plant growth.

This post is about how much do they really cost in a day to day life and how profitable they are.

Uncabled grow lights are known for growing high-quality, healthier and nutrient plants while reducing the amount of power consumed thereby saving the total cost.

Electricity consumed by Uncabled Grow lights

Some of the efficient method to calculate the cost of running grow lights is to check maximum power wattage.

Take an example of one of the product Uncabled Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light, some of the important features are

  • Power Consumption 80W
  • LED Light Source: Epileds
  • LED Quantity: 100PCS LEDs
  • Full Spectrum: 430~460nm (blue), 620~630nm (red), 655~660nm (red), 3000K & 6000K, 730nm (IR), 380-410nm (UV)
  • Colours of LEDs : Red 68PCS , Blue 12PCS, White 6PCS, Warm White 8PCS, UV 2PCS, IR 4PCS

Uncabled Recommended lighting time and height:

  • Seedling Stage: 16-18 hours on, 36-59in
  • Vegetative Stage: 12-16 hours on, 18-36in
  • Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours on, 12-18in

Considering the specs and recommendation, here are the calculations:

Maximum power wattage:1000

Light consumption: 0.1 kilowatts (kW) per hour

Considering 14 hours per day of average vegetative stage

0.1 kW * 16 hours = 1.6 kWHours

Australia’s 2020 electricity charges were:

Household Rate: $0.33 /kWh

Commercial Rate: $0.25 /kWh

Average Rate: $0.29 /kWh

So, the daily cost to operate one of the Uncabled Grow light is 0.33 kWh * 1.6 = $0.528 daily which comes to monthly cost of $15.84

Feel free to send us feedback about this calculation and how it works for you.

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