How long will delivery take?

Orders are typically dispatched the same day so if you are in the western part of Australia it should be overnight and 2 nights for Rural addresses typically take a day or two longer.

Are your product in stock locally or do you send it from overseas?

Yes, all of our products are kept in stock in our Sydney warehouse, no items are sent from outside of Australia.

How to link the grow lights together. Where can I get the cord to do that?as?

Each light has a plug on top of it. So you can link each other with one power cord and plug another into the wall.

Uncabled Connected Devices

Growth, Fruiting & Flowering - Things to keep in mind when plant breeding with LED?to do that?as?

Our LEDs offer large amounts of power. If the growing area is well illuminated and suitably powered, the plants can grow more stocky than usual. To counteract this we suggest increasing the distance between plants and lights. Note, however, that this will also decrease the level of light intensity. Light temperature can be divided into three categories: 2700K-3000K for fruiting and flowering, 3500K-4000K for all phases, 5700K-6000K for vegetation.

Are these lights suitable for soil plants too?
Our lights simply imitate the wavelength of light that plants need to grow. That means you can use this for your hydroponics, aquaponics, or soil grown gardening project!
Does the grow light produces UV light?
Our grow lights use LED bulbs that emit a very small amount of UV light. Don’t panic though, the UV output is even less than most household bulbs and it definitely isn’t enough to harm your plants in any way.
Does it have Australian Outlets?
All of our grow lights have Australian style plugs and are RCM certified.
How do I position the grow light and use its settings?
  • Ensure the light stays at least 20cm from any leaves (so as to not burn the leaves).
  • Adjust the timer to suit your plant’s needs
    • 12hrs for plants in spaces with low light levels
    • 9hrs for spaces that receive indirect natural light,
    • 3hrs for plants in high natural light environments).
    • Also consider the natural environment of the plant you are growing – indoor plants may not need much supplementary light, whereas something like basil will need a lot.
  • Adjust light brightness; we suggest starting on a dim setting and building up to the brightest setting, this will allow your plants time to adjust. If you see your leaves “burning” or browning, reduce the light intensity.
Can the Veg and Bloom switches be used together?

Yes, both Veg and Bloom switches can be used together.

Can the Veg and Bloom switches be used individually?

Yes, both Veg and Bloom switches can be used individually.

What is the design of the light plate?

The high-efficiency light plate is custom-designed to provide full spectrum light.

Does the light require cooling fans?

No, the light has a passive-cooled design and does not require cooling fans.

How does the light provide optimal canopy penetration?

The light provides optimal canopy penetration through diffused light via a large form factor.

What is the role of light in plant color enhancement?

Light plays a leading role in plant color enhancement.

What is the role of light in plant photosynthesis?

Light promotes plant photosynthesis.

How is Uncabled the leading supplier of Growlights with full spectrum in Australia?

Uncabled offers high-quality, full-spectrum LED grow lights that are designed to promote plant growth, making them the leading supplier of grow lights in Australia.

Are Uncabled's grow lights cost-effective?

Uncabled’s grow lights are cost-effective and offer a long-lasting solution to the indoor plant growing.

How do Uncabled's grow lights promote healthy plant growth?

Uncabled’s grow lights are designed with high-quality materials, full-spectrum lighting, and advanced technology that promotes healthy plant growth, including sprouting, flowering, and fruit production.

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